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The Black Star Travel Group’s annual December holiday trip to Accra, Ghana has been nothing but successful, especially with the addition of our signature events like the Durbar for the Diaspora and lodging and activities at our private location at the waterfront in Ada. Our travelers have enjoyed a phenomenal time taking in the historical sites and experiencing the beauty of Ghana, its people, food, art and culture.

We have consistently secured luxurious accommodations year after year, and enjoyed tasting traditional Ghanaian cuisine, especially at the popular Mango Ase restaurant located in East Legon. The weather is always perfect for our excursions to Assin Manso, Ada and Bojo Beach. Our trip is capped by our festive, fun and exclusive New Year’s Eve party at El Padrino Cigar Bar and Restaurant.


Read on to hear what our 2021-2022 travelers had to say…

I enjoyed the variety of unique experiences offered by Black Star Travel Group. We received VVIP treatment at the hottest spots and also were able to take part in various cultural events during our stay.

My 2021 Black Star Accra Ghana Experience was extra special!

Black star travel group delivers luxury, culture, excursions, relaxation, lasting relationships and VVIP nightlife.

Black Star never disappoints. Luxury at its finest!

I found the chosen cultural, recreational, and spiritual activities to be well balanced and meaningful and delightful experiences.

Black Star Travel Group gave me a true all-inclusive Ghana experience. We were able to tap into Ghana’s culture in a variety of situations, from modern to ancient. I would definitely recommend the Black Star Travel Group to everyone–they are the best way to go.

Reviews from our
2020-2021 travelers

No words can describe my experience 2020. Although we were in the middle of the pandemic, Black Star Travel group made sure that all travelers had a thoroughly amazing experience. From the first day to the very last. It was above amazing.

Enjoyed several trips to Ghana but I’m dubbing this one
“My Most Enjoyable Trip.
My Medicine”

AMAZING! Ready for round 3.

When you travel with Black Star Travel Group,  you are not just traveling with a group of strangers. At the conclusion of your trip, I can honestly say that you become family. Wouldn’t trade this experience for the world.

This experience was seamless and pure luxury.

I was able to pilgrimage with some of my closest friends and family and the bond I experienced made me feel at home. The amazing food, tourist attractions, events, and sense of freedom was a great escape from the gloom of COVID in the U.S.

The level of customer service and patience was by far top notch.

The trip was well organized. It had a good mix of fun & cultural activities. Loved the variety of restaurants & bars/clubs!

Everything about the trip surpassed my expectations.

Reviews from our
2019-2020 travelers

I can’t pinpoint one favorite moment, but I enjoyed, praying by the water on New Year’s Eve, the roof top party, eating, the random photo shoots, playing charades on the beach and everyone connecting and enjoying themselves.

I fell in love with Ghana. The trip was life-altering and gave me a sense of my true purpose. Being able to feel completely at HOME is such a humbling feeling.

Relaxing on beach for hours on New Year’s Day was lovely. The makeup of our group made all our activities enjoyable.

Interacting with the Ghanaian people was very refreshing.  Everyone was so welcoming, genuine and expressed a willingness to share their culture with us.

Enjoying and celebrating being with each person and creating new friendships with everyone made my journey truly special.

Visiting the Ancestral River and the Slave Castle was so eye-opening. The feeling of stepping foot on the same grounds our Ancestors walked on and imagining what their insurmountable struggle was so emotional.

Meeting with the Ghanaian Chiefs and officials was one the moments I felt most connected to the continent and to the legacy of my ancestors. The officials were very welcoming, and I appreciated traditions and the reverence displayed during the meeting.

One of my favorite parts was going to the University of Ghana and learning two traditional dances. That was very special!

The best part of the trip was experiencing Ghana with such an amazing bunch of people. Experiencing Cape Coast and the Ancestral River humbled and made me appreciate my life and how fortunate I am.