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About Black Star Travel Group

Offering curated, concierge-style global travel experiences


Our mission is to curate concierge-style global travel experiences that guide African-Americans through culturally immersive, high-end excursions throughout the African diaspora. We hope discovering the natural beauty, traditions, and joy of people of African descent throughout the world will positively influence and impact how these cultures are viewed in minority communities for generations to come.

Black Star Travel Group was launched with our inaugural New Year’s trip to Accra, Ghana in 2019-20. The trip also marked a special commemorative milestone in Ghana’s legacy, as the country celebrated “The Year of Return,” which honored the descendants of Africans who were first captured, enslaved and shipped from the coast of Ghana to the Americas 400 years ago. Ghana is rated as one of the premiere new travel destinations in the world, and we are experts at ensuring that our travelers can take in all of it.

We’re excited to announce our fifth annual Black Star New Year’s Trip Accra, Ghana December 23, 2023 – January 3, 2024.

Traveler Testimonials

I can’t pinpoint one favorite moment, but I enjoyed, praying by the water on New Year’s Eve, the roof top party, eating, the random photo shoots, playing charades on the beach and everyone connecting and enjoying themselves.

Visiting the Ancestral River and the Slave Castle was so eye-opening. The feeling of stepping foot on the same grounds our Ancestors walked on and imagining what their insurmountable struggle was so emotional.